GE zwave classic generation prices starting to drop

Just one followup note on the 15% off the first three orders for New customers only: Offer expires 4/1/2017 at 12:00 AM PST. :slight_smile:

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Maybe we could pool together and people keep scouting their local Lowes. If you find the 127xx switches on discount, let us know and we can help each other out sending them to each other for cost + shipping.

I’m personally on the lookout for 11x12724’s and 3x12730’s still.

Maybe I’m just cheap… $31 still doesn’t seem like any kind of ‘discount’ to me.

It’s not just you. lol

Well since I paid $45 each for dumb LED dimmer switches 5 years ago, the fact that any smart switches/ dimmers are now selling for $30 is a good deal AFAIC.