Another post about devices going offline, not reconnecting

Recently upgraded from my v1 hub to the Aeotec hub. The upgrade went fine, but weeks later GE ZW1001 outlets started to go offline. I exclude & remove them, and re-add them, and they’d work for a single action (e.g. turn on), then immediately go offline again. Super frustrating loop of exclude/remove/re-add with no resolution.
I thought I’d fixed this yesterday by excluding and removing, then pulling the outlet from the box and disconnecting the power, then reconnecting power and re-adding the device. I switch type from Z-Wave Switch Generic to Z-Wave Switch to be able to set the LED preference. However, the problem persists today.

I don’t have a massive network (15 devices), but I’ve been running it for years with few problems. I have an Orbi 2.4/5 network, but that’s been here for many years. No other new devices or radio-dependent things in the house I can think of. Alexa is connected, is that an issue? Do I need a different device handler?

Anyone else see this behavior, and solve it?

I have the same problem. My GE switches show “disconnected”. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for them to connect. I’ve tried the opening air gap. I’ve switched off power for 30 sec at the main board to flush the switches’ buffer. Sometimes it helps briefly. Some of my GE switches have failed completely. I’ve replaced them with Jasco which is, i think, the same thing. I don’t know if I have a hardware problem or if the controller/app is flaky