GE z-wave plus switches/dimmers added as non-secure

I have added 5 GE z-wave plus switches/dimmers to my V2 hub. They all work great, but I noticed in the IDE that they are " * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE". Two of them in the very same room as the hub, probably no more than 2 meters away. One is about 4 feet away. Should I care? Why did it not join securely?

security costs more

I have no idea what that means in regard to my questions.

I know that you said they are Z-Wave, but are you sure? They might be zigbee and zigbee has a whole set of different rules when it comes to there security .

They are not add-ons. I said I added Z-Wave plus switches and dimmers.

No. They are Z-Wave. It even says Z-Wave above from smart things.

Well, I think Ge did not implement the secure part of the protocol.

What is weird, now that I am checking the IDE, one with firmware 5.92 has this message and the other zwave plus Ge switch with same firmware does not have that message

What message does it have?

Non-secure is what you actually want for almost everything except locks and garage door controllers.

Secure pairing is very costly in terms of performance, as it requires multiple messages for each task.

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Will they repeat fine for my Schlage locks?

Yes, they will act as repeaters, but your locks have to initially secured pair directly to the hub. The hub and the lock need to be close together for this to happen. Afterwards, they can be separated, and the GE switches will act as repeaters.

OK. That’s how I paired them. Just was not sure about the secure portion. Thank you!

I have exact same thing, but for Zooz Z-Wave Switches

What’s weird is that I have some Zooz switches (same version, bought as part of the same Amazon order) that don’t show this message ( networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE), and some that do. The only difference that I can see was that I was adding the first group of switches (the ones that don’t show ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE) before December, and I was adding the second group (the ones that now show ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE) in December.

Zooz support has been nice but useless.

It’s a non issue IMHO. Although the SmartThings’ Hub is security enabled, devices that uses the encryption are typically barrier devices such as locks.

Secured devices will pass the Zwave info onto non secured devices. It is weird that the same device type paired as both secured and non secured…

At the end of the day, there are few hackers that will break into your network to play around with turning your lights on and off. :rofl:

Hi Vadim,

Depending on the model you have, the devices will be either equipped with Z_Wave security or not. ZEN21-ZEN24 models ver.1-2 will not be security enabled. The reason you didn’t see this message before in ST before is that it looks like ST didn’t poll for security or maybe it polled but didn’t display the results. They do now, so you’ll be able to track if a device is security-enabled or not. This doesn’t indicate an error of any sort.

ZEN26-ZEN27 are S2 enabled and once SmartThings upgrades to S2, you should be able to see that note about security in the same field for any device added once that upgrade is implemented.

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get a straight answer on this from Zooz support! It looks like a recent change in ST so maybe they weren’t aware of it yet.

That makes sense - thanks!

so from my understanding non secure is faster than s0 but what about s2, is non secure still faster than s2 or they are the same?