Devices using S2 and non-S2 security

I have older zwave GE switches that were added as not using S2 (I believe they do not support S2 security and in the ide is shows ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE). I had purchased a couple of Aeotec repeaters and have them installed using S2 security (in the ide it shows ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED). It is my understanding that since the GE switches are not using S2 security and the Aeotec repeaters are using S2 security, the GE switches will not be able to use the Aeotec repeaters in their zwave routes. So my question, is it possible to setup the Aeotec repeater so it is not using S2 security so that it can be used in the zwave route for the GE switches? Or other options are welcome. Thanks in advance for the help.

This is not correct. Z wave is designed to be forward and backward compatible at the network level. Repeaters do not care about security encapsulation when repeating; devices with S2 can be repeaters for devices without S2, and vice versa.

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