Secure Pair? 14294 GE Zwave Plus Dimmer


Should he 14294 secure pair? If it should, is there any trick to getting it to secure pair?

I paired it very close to my V2 Hub. Should I try and exclude and then re- pair until it does secure pair? I probably cannot get it much closer to the hub.

This is the raw description
zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3038 ver:5.29 zwv:4.34 lib:03 cc:5E,56,86,72,5A,85,59,73,26,27,70,2C,2B,7A role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600

No it doesn’t require secure pair. If it’s not pairing I would try excluding first and then try to pair again. If that doesn’t work turn off the breaker for a minute or two and try again.

Thanks for the quick response.

However, I am still confused.

This zwave plus device paired easily the first time. Switch is working, just regular pairing is not a problem.

However, other devices that I have, like the aeon switch 6, have a regular pairing mode, AND a secure pairing mode.

I was asking if the 14294 GE Zwave plus switch has a secure pairing mode. And if it does, how do I get it to pair secure?

Thanks in advance

The 14294 does not offer that level of security.

You can always look this up by checking the conformance statement for any current Z wave devices on the official Z wave alliance website.


@JDRoberts thanks! That answers that! Switch is working as designed!