Z-Wave smart switch (GE 12722 wiring question)

Trying to connect a z-wave wall switch. existing switch as black (hot) and white (neutral) the switch has neutral power and load. Can I connect the neutral to the load without having a neutral attached to the switch. The switch I have is GE 12722 in wall smart switch. Any help would be appreciated.

Three things…

  1. search for GE switch wiring. This has literally been discussed hundreds of times. You will find all kinds of information on this.
  2. not recommended at all.
  3. post pictures of what you have when asking questions. You’ll get faster more accurate responses.

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Your description is not that clear and without pictures it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the box but ultimately you’re looking for this:

But it sounds like you might have this:

In which case I don’t believe you can use the switch you bought because there is no neutral coming into the switch. But like I said, this is all hypothetical until we can see some pictures. These are the most common types of wiring you’ll see in a normal 2-way switch.

I’m a little confused based on your description but the switch does need a neutral.

Your second drawing is what I have. Are you aware of any z-wave that will work with that configuration?

Aeon micro switch, emerwave or monoprice relay module install at the light fixture.

There are older switches by GE and Cooper that don’t require a neutral. But generally speaking, they’ll only work with incandescent bulbs. See charts linked below.

Ray’s suggestion above works nicely, it’s just a bit more work to install in the fixture box in your ceiling rather than the switch box in your wall.

As others have pointed out, you’ll need something like the monoprice single relay and you’ll have to install it where the fixture is located rather than where the wall switch is.