GE Z-Wave has added a number of new products. (Yahoo News Article)

Yahoo News posted this today. New GE Products

Mmm, that sensor is not new they have had it for a long time (I have one), unless this is a newer version? But everything in the description matches the one I have…

Yeah, I wish they went into a bit more detail in that article. Like model #s of the devices, or links to the product page on GE/Jasco’s websites.

yes not much info. Yahoo articles have much to be desired.

Looks like z-wave plus as opposed to just z-wave for older version (I have 2)

The one I have is Z-Wave plus, model 34193 / ZW6302


I have taken ownership of the motion sensor DTH (with @jwillaz permission, of course) and have updated it. The discussion continues here: