GE Z-wave Fan Switch, Model 14287

Smartthing Hub will not control the 3 speed switch. Will this be addressed in a future update?

@leebon, sure it will. Even though it shows up as a dimmer in the mobile app you can still control it. Low is between 1-33% dim level, medium is 34-67m and high is 68-100.

If you want to use a custom device handler, then do a quick search in the Community and you find one by me and another developer.

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Fan switches are working for me, not sure what you are on about.

Thanks for the info. I was concerned about apparently not being able to
use the three fan speeds but the dimmer level solution seems to be the
answer. I also understand that I can tell

Alexa to set the “dimmer” to a certain percentage level in order to vary
the fan speed.

Thanks again for the info.

If you don’t install one of the custom handlers referred to above it will actually install a dimmer handler by default.

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Thanks for the info. I would most likely go with the default since I do
not have the tech savvy to understand the use of the custom installer or
even how to install it.

Do you have any thoughts concerning the Smartthings hub versus a Wink hub?