GE Z-wave Factory Reset

Hi. I have 8 Ge Z-wave smart switch at home, recently I bought the smarthings Wi-Fi, my plant is to transfer from Smarthings Classic to a new app but there is so many problem so I go back to Smarthing Classic and plug in my old Smarthings hub. now I’m having problem to connect in my GE Z-wave smart switch… is there a way to reset or factory reset this switches in order for me to connect it again. I appreciate your help.

Run a general device exclusion.


Just like you pair them with an click up for on and then click down for off, you do the same for excluding them under the Z-Wave Exclusion utility. Once excluded, then you can pair them.

I had to reset a Jasco z-wave switch (12K series dimmer) at one point and called Jasco to figure out how. I can’t remember the exact sequence now but I think it was up then down 4 times. Or possibly 4 up then 4 down. Also can’t remember if you started with up or down first. Sorry not more specific, its been a while, but there is a way to do it.

And FYI you can use classic with the new hub you don’t have to go back to old equipment just to use classic.

Use NewApp to setup and manage the hub then login to classic to do everything else

Do you know which model of switches you have?n
The process for factory reset id’s different inn some models.

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