GE Z-Wave 3 Way Switch installed and not working

Hi all,

I just installed a GE Z Wave 3 way switch in my hall way and nothing is happening…no lights, no switching, no nothing. I followed the wiring schematics and connected load, line, neutral, ground and traveler as they should be connected and no led light comes on nor do the switches turn the lights on or off. I read several threads and thought I may have gotten the line and load reversed so I switched those to no avail. I’ve attached a picture of the current master switch set up. The electrical box has the standard wires (black load, black line, white neutral bundle, green ground and red traveler) but there is a white and black line pinched together and capped off…I didn’t touch these because I didn’t know what they do and I want to avoid burning down my house. LOL! I’m at a complete loss now and could use some advice on how to get this working.

is this an actual 3way for which you did not replace the remote/slave switch?

I’d draw it out, identify the wires at the master, slave and fixture. You have called the red “traveller” but “traveller” definition is the 2 wires from master to slave. Seems like your red traveller is an assumption - the situation is unclear.

This may help with a lot of your questions:

It is an actual 3 way that I’m replacing the old toggle switches with the GE smart switches. I replaced both the master and the slave in the scenario.

Does line (power) come into the switch on one of the blacks hooked to the switch? Did you measure it or use non contact tester?

You need to find line. And then the load. Leave traveller off till you get the master switch working. Is it the GE switch with the blue led on front? If so is it lit?

Disconnect what you think is the line and load wires and connect them together using a nut. If the light turns on you know you got the wire right and may have defective switch. If the light does not turn on or you trip the breaker you misidentified the wires.