GE Wall Outlet always reporting on

I figured you guys would have a quick answer, as I’m looking through forums, and haven’t seen anything recent. I’ve got a GE in wall plug that I use for my Christmas lights to turn on at sunset, and from there, WebCore turns my driveway lights to red and green while the Christmas lights are on then they switch back to white at 11:00PM when the Christmas lights go off. Anyway, the wall outlet says the Christmas lights are constantly on. I can’t toggle from Classic or the new app. The timer works for them to come on (sunset), off at 11:00PM, but I’d like to be able to still manually flip them on via the app. Any thoughts on what the fix might be other than replace the plug?

You might have a DTH (Device Type Handler) issue. Try switching the DTH in the IDE and then switching it back to the correct DTH. That should fix your issue.

Should they be set as a Z-Wave Switch, or something different? And thanks.

ZWave Switch or Zwave Switch Generic should both work.

I changed it from Zwave Switch to Zwave Switch Generic and it’s still reporting on, I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about when you say DTH.