GE Switches not turning on all lights

(ash) #1

I recently purchased a GE switch. I hooked it up with to control my patio lights which is 4 lights together. the zwave switch turns on 3 of the 4 lights. the last one never turns on. Also, i see a small flicker in the bulb that is no on. looks like there is charge trickling in but does not provide full power.

Can someone advise waht to do?

(Tim Slagle) #2

Dimmer or On/Off switch?


Are these lights incandescents? CFLs? Or LEDs?

And which model switch?

(ash) #4

its the GE ON/OFF switch. The bulbs are CFL i believe.


Exactly which model GE switch, there are several with different engineering.

(ash) #6

GE12722 on/off switch.

(ash) #7

the interesting part is, it 3 lights out of the 4 turn on. only one does not work. initially i thought it was the bulb, and replaced it. But it turns out it was not the bulb. there seems to be no power for the 4th light.


OK, there are several reasons this can happen.

Did you have the same bulbs working with the previous light switch, or are the bulbs new as well?

(ash) #9

these are the same bulbs before i replaced the switch… the previous switch was just a regular paddle switch.

I think 3 bulbs are incandescent and 1 is CFL. Do you think that would make a difference?

(Barry) #10

Try it with 4 incandescents, and see for yourself if it makes a difference. Let us know…