GE 3-Way Light

The Light will come on but immediately turns off. I BELIEVE my wiring is right but can’t be cuz its not working correctly…
Plz can anyone help???

How do you have it hooked up? Are you using both the master 12722 switch as well as the correct GE12723 add-on switch?

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Is this before you have even connected it to ST?

I do have the correct hardware for the job.

when I connect the line and load it lights and stays lit…but when it is connected to the Z wave switch it just flicks right off after I switch it on.

When you connect the line and load to what? Tell us what wires are hooked up to which connectors on which switches. Post pics if you can. Also, have you paired the switch to SmartThings? If so, have you created any rules? Can you check the dimmer level in ST to make sure it’s not immediately being commanded very low after it turns on? We can help you troubleshoot but need a lot more detail.

Is the blue light on the switch on when it is off?

It almost sounds like a short in one of the switches. If you remove the add-on switch does it work correctly?

blue light is on I will post pics this evening

And is the switch connected to SmartThings or not?

what we got here, is a failure to communicate


[quote=“ero4444, post:10, topic:51477”]
what we got here, is a failure to communicate
[/quote] Yep, @LostinMumbosauce it is best to provide full details on what you have and what you did. You don’t have any kind of real detail so everyone trying to help is being forced to assume so much. The better info you give the better help you will receive. The product numbers, pictures of the wiring you have at each of the switch boxes, light boxes and what is connected as far as LED, CFL, identify the wires at each of the boxes for where they go, etc.

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I have all my Zwave devices connected to n IQ panel all my devices are run through there and
the light in the picture in the left is the problem when I flick the switch on via or manually it switches off immediately. The one to the right I wired identically and it works seamlessly.

I am using the correct receptacles

Thanks for getting the pictures up but I can’t help you because nothing is identified. I mentioned that the better info you provide the better help can be provided and info is lacking so help will be lacking as well. I see at least four unidentified romex coming in and you are not indicating where they are coming from and from your pictures there is no way to see what is terminating to where on your switches. I am very familiar with GE switches and residential electrical wiring but you are not giving adequate info to see if you wired it correctly. But even then you also you say you are using IQ Panel and and I am completely unaware of anything to do with those. Hopefully someone else can help you based on the info you’ve given.

The kind of info we need to help you correctly is like what you see here in this post