Light connected to Dimmer switch keeps turning on and off

Weird issue we got this morning - we have a set of ceiling lights that are connected to a dimmer (GE Zwave) - and this morning even when the switch is off, one light keeps switching on and off - as if it was pulsating - off and on, off and on. This goes away when I switch on the lights but comes back when they are off.

Never seen this before and the switch isn’t new, nor are the lights - any ideas?

BTW, 6 lights are controlled in the ceiling and one of the, does this; when I removed that bulb another one started doing it, and when I put it back then the original one started doing this. And I don’t believe in ghosts. :slight_smile:


What model GE dimmer and are you using LED’s?

Sounds like the dimmer is letting through some current. This tends to be worse with some LED bulbs and CFLs. Have you tried a different bulb? I have a fitting that has bulbs that flash. A new LED fixed it but before that, I had to use incandescent

I am using this version along with the and the associated paddle:

The bulbs are combination of LED and regular ones.

The interesting thing though is that nothing has changed - the bulbs aren’t new, nor are the switches - it just started this morning.

Would swapping them out with all new bulbs do it? Any ideas?

I was thinking I will swap with a few others and then see how it goes; again it wasn’t new so that’s the mysterious part at least to me. Of course the switch could go bad, but have anyone else seen that?

Yes actually I have, but the older 46xxx models of switches from GE. If nothing has changed with your setup, and switching out bulbs makes no difference, then you could have a switch going bad.

If you have LED and incandescent then it’s not a bulb problem. Switch or ST.

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