GE Switch button's reversed

Unfortunately, this has happened multiple times before when smartthings has made a change to the stock device handler. :disappointed_relieved: So it may be that in the most recent update an old version of the DTH was installed. They have already said these DTHs were updated in the release.

It should be easy to fix. Find the switch in the things list in the SmartThings mobile app and open it to the details screen.

There should be a small gear icon near the top of the screen. Tap on that and it should allow you to change the parameters.

You have to do this for each affected switch.

If by chance that particular parameter is not available through that device handler, you can use the Z wave tweaker to fix it. But first just try the gear option.

Unfortunately I can’t show you screenshots because VoiceOver navigation is broken on the app right now so I can’t get to the screen.

Definitely report this to support as well.