GE Smart Paddle Switch Indicator Light

On my paddle switch there is a small indicator light.
You can choose for the indicator light to light up when the device is on or off.
I had the option to change what I wanted that indicator light to be set to in the old SmartThings app.
Where is that option on the new version?

The default DTH doesn’t give access to the device parameters.

Check the user manual for your switch. There is a sequence of taps you can use to change the option from the switch itself.

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Go to the device in the app. Three dots in the top right corner. Found mine under settings.

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ge enbrighten z-wave plus smart dimmer switch manual I tried that however I cannot control the LED on the switch. @Smarttech, Did you ever get this figured out? I searched the Internet for the manual but there are only installation directions- nothing for the LED.

It is there as the post after yours describes.

However, the stock Fan Control DTH does not have the settings exposed.

Thanks! I was clicking Edit and Information.

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Ah, yes, I forgot about that. I’ve got 37 smart switches and dimmers. All use the default DTH. Only one is GE Z-wave because their Enbrighten 2 Z-wave devices aren’t compatible with most of my lights. Of all my devices, only that one lone GE Z-wave switch has a Settings page.

Regardless, you can change the locator LED behavior by some sequence of taps on the device. It’s different for each brand. I recently did it for nearly all mine. That includes devices from Zooz, Leviton, and GE.

I just installed the zigbee GE Enbrighten switch.
Here’s the instructions on changing the led light. I couldn’t do it from the app.

How to cycle between option: Press up three time then down one time quickly.

1. LED is off all the time (default)
2. LED is on then the load is off.
3. LED is on when the load is on.
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