DTH for GE Paddle Switch? (Reconfigure LED behavior)

That allows you to turn off or change the behavior of the light as the smart fan DTH does. I looked and can’t find it. I just installed 2 and they light when on not off like all other ones. One was a fan so that one is fixed but other just a paddle on off.

Which model switch? Sometimes there’s a parameter that can be reconfigured to change the LED behavior.

Good question I’ll look when I get home in about 15 min.

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Model is 12722

OK, you’ll need a DTH to configure parameter 3.


I think @johnconstantelo and @desertblade had one for the dimmer switch, I don’t know if they did one for the regular on/off switch, but they can probably give you the parameter code and tell you if there’s anything tricky about configuration. :sunglasses:

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OK thanks. Hopefully they can and I can fix tomorrow. Appreciate the help!

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(fyi @JDRoberts)

The LED parameter is now part of the device preferences section instead of being a tile you use to see. The fan DH used code of when it use to be there, but it looks like ST’s default DH changed that at some point (I didn’t even realize it changed!):


I am attempting to migrate from V1 to V2 hub and noticed that these switches don’t always set the default properly anymore. Also, sometimes they use “Z-Wave Switch Generic” device type which does not include LED Indicator in the configuration panel. It should use “Z-Wave Switch” which does.

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Discussed here a bit. “Zwave dimmer Generic” does not have the setting, but “Dimmer” DH does.

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Thank you!!!