GE Simon XT sensor compatibility


I have a home with the GE Simon XT system installed. I’d like to migrate to a smartthings setup. Does anyone know if my window and door sensors are compatible? One of the sensors I used is the GE 60-362N-10=319.5. Thanks, Frank


Hi Frank!

Those GE sensors are proprietary and will not work with other systems. Check out our supported devices here:



OK thanks. I’ll have to change them all…


Check out this thread by the way:

(Paul) #5

I have a Simon XT and I feel SmartThings cannot fully replace the Simon XT.

I am now considering connecting the siren output to a relay and connect the relay to an Aeon Z-Wave dry sensor so that I can have some integration between the Simon and SmartThings.

There are various threads about security systems and SmartThings.

If you go the SmartThings route all the way, you may want to wait for the the SmartThings hub V2 which will be out any minute, but @Tyler will remind us it is not this minute :wink:

You may want to look at @geko’s excellent SmartAlarm app.

(Geko) #6

I agree with that. If you already have a real alarm system, replacing it with ST would be a step back in terms of security. The best approach is to use ST to complement your existing alarm system, not replace it.