Simon XT Panel Integration

Looks like it has been about a year since the last thread on this, so I figured I’d ask the community in case something’s changed. Has anyone found a way to integrate a GE Simon XT Alarm Panel with Smartthings? Ideally I’d like to get all the data out of the Simon XT Panel so I could see individual sensors. However, I’d be more than happy to settle with just ARM/DISARM from within the Smartthings app. Currently I do not have the panel monitored by anyone. Is that the best way to go? Who should I use for monitoring?


I don’t think arming/disarming is easy to integrate, the only way I see it could be doable is integrating a cellular terminal connected to the line In of the panel and creating a smart app that would talk to the terminal.

I monitor my Simon myself, I installed a cellular phone terminal to it that calls me when the alarm is triggered, I use a T-Mobile prepaid plan that costs $10 every 3 months and it calls 4 different numbers 3 times until you pick up.

I think you can easily integrate the alarm trigger with Smartthing for monitoring with ST for less than $100, I posted on this subject on this thread and will add that to my system very soon.

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I currently have an old DCS panel w/ hardwired sensors, but my alarm company (Gaurdian) said that they would upgrade me to Simon XTI panel & wireless sensors at no charge, and lower my bill $10 monthly (after I called to tell them I was planning on going self-monitoring, or ADT, etc.).

A quick online search showed that Simon XTI-5 has Z-wave, so could I somehow connect ST hub to it? Any benefits to a Simon XTI-5 panel over just staying with my old system?

The panel is just “cooler” because it’s touch screen, a little easier to use.
I self monitor with it, two ways simultaneously.

  1. I installed a fixed wireless cellular terminal (about $60-80 on ebay direct from China). The Simon panel when triggerd dials in through the cellular terminal and calls up to 4 numbers 3 times each until answered. That requires a SIM card, I use a T-mobile prepaid one that costs $10 every 3 months plus tax so about $3/mo. That is pretty competitive with ADT… However, this system does not allow you to turn on or off the system remotely, which ADT can do. Of course you need to have your system hidden and protected long enough for the alarm to dial. Mine is hidden and difficult to reach, by the time the bad guys find it and open the protective enclosure, the system will have dialed several times. That’s when remote talking screens that work with the Simon panels come handy (about $60 each).

  2. I have a relay on which I have a second siren attached but also an z-wave dry sensor. When the alarm is triggered, it tells me through ST. It actually sends me a text message that will make my phone sound a loud alarm tone so I know right away what’s up… see my earlier post for wiring details. That also allows me to trigger an outdoor zwave siren as well as an outdoor strobe light.

You have a third option since your system is hardwired, is to install the Konnected hardware which is pretty cheap, just such for Konnected on the forum or their website

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I was thinking of allowing Gaurdian to upgrade my equipment, but making sure they leave my original wired sensors in my possession, I could keep them in a box & store them away, Incase I ever want to go back to a wired system (leaving Konnect as a future option).

This way I can keep my existing service plan (arming/disarming from mobile phone is a must), & get the “cooler” smart panel(SimonXTI-5). It will come with Z-wave & celluar modules built in.

Currently I use an ST smartapp/dh, created by a forum user (Schwarzk), that allows me to arm/disarm my panel. I have it fully automated under my goodbye & I’m back routines, I could even have Alexa disarm it. Sadly with self monitoring I would never have that option.

Your setup will be perfect if I ever do decide to go self monitoring! What is a relay? So your exterior Zwave Siren is synced to your Z-wave enabled Simon or ST hub? Thx for your feedback

There are cellular modules that work with the Simon panels that allow you to control the panel remotely and that is what ADT or use to let you have that option. They are expensive, about $200. I bet that someone savvy in programming would be able to use these modules for self monitoring and integrate it to ST but I’m not that guy. I did not want to pay the monthly fee and do not need to lock or unlock it remotely so my set up works for me.

The Cellular terminal I use is like this one, it works great.

I don’t know that you have to take your existing sensors down, Simon XTI might be able to work as a wired system as well, I’m not sure. I saw you had a concern with the batteries. I use Interlogix sensors with CR123A batteries and they last for years, even the one I have outside exposed to extreme temperatures (hot and cold) so this really is a non issue and the panel will tell you if it can’t connect to it then you know it’s time to replace the battery.

A relay is essentially a switch that is triggered by a different circuit than the circuit it controls.Those z-wave and zigbee ST smart switches are relays. They are powered by your house current and control a device on/off that is plugged to them (in that case both have the same powersource, the trigger is the node sent by ST)
In the case of the alarm, the relay is powered by a 6 or 12 volts circuit and has 2 states, closed or opened. The switch, just like your light switch, will then rest in closed or opened circuit depending on what you need. When the relay is triggered, it will change the switch to the other position.

For example if you connect a wired siren, say the relay is powered at 6 volts and your siren takes 12 volts.
The switch of the relay will be connected to a 12 volts source powering the siren. In rest mode NO (normally open) no current powers the siren (my siren rest mode is NC but that would depend on each installation). When the relay is triggered, it will move the switch to NC (normally closed) and current will pass to the siren, making it sound (turning the light switch on). The COM (common) port is where the current comes from (power source) (look at my diagram).

The relay can be triggered 2 ways usually, either turn it on/off from it’s power source, or use the trigger port when they have one. The Simon uses a trigger port so you need a relay that has a trigger like the ELK 924, not all relay have one.

I use the ELK 924 which has 2 switches. One switch powers the secondary siren, the other is connected to the z-wave sensor. When the relay is triggered by the alarm, the NO/COM state of the switch with the z-wave sensor attached, changes to NC/COM. Basically making contact between the two wires.

The ZW097 has 2 connections, when you make contact between these two connections with a wire, its state changes to OPEN in ST.

So with smartapps when the sensor is opened you can trigger whatever you want. Mine triggers a push alert, SMS to two cell phones, turns an outdoor strobe light on by triggering a smart plug and triggers a zwave siren that I have outdoor as well.

You could trigger other events such as turning all your lights on if they are controlled by ST, turning your Sonos on at full volume, or whatever you can think off.

You can have your monitoring company install the XTI panel, then buy an ELK 924 relay, a linear power supply, a 12 volts battery, a VAC transformer, a roll of 22/2 solid copper alarm wire and the ZW097 sensor then you can keep your existing set up and add the Smartthings triggers. Look at my wiring diagram for instructions and part numbers, ignore the siren wiring, it’s not that complex.

You can get all the “alarm” parts from (they are very helpful if you need help) for about $64 and the ZW097 sensor on Amazon costs $30. If your ST hub and Wifi are not on a UPS then you can skip buying the battery because if you lose power and your sensor is triggered but the ST hub is turned off, it won’t work anyway. If you have ST and wifi on a UPS then in case your lose power, the battery will keep the relay powered preventing it from triggering the sensor and sending you a false alarm. The LPS will both power the your relay and keep the battery charged automatically.

You may also need a box to put all that gear in. If your panel is installed in a visible area, I would recommend getting a nice in-wall metal box that you fix to one of the studs or a large one that fits in between two studs, I got mine at Home Depot. You can paint over it so it blends in, a large gang box may work as well (in that case be careful with the battery size and shape).

Ya she mentioned the new panel coming with wireless sensors, so don’t think they will be going the wired route, that’s why i asked if I could keep my older sensors, she said she would includ instructions to leave old gear behind.

Do you have pics of your install? It sounds so confusing to my novice ears! I don’t have any wiring knowledge, in fact after 3 weeks of YouTube videos I finally replaced my 1st light switch to a GE smart switch… but either way it sounds like moving fwd with the upgraded security system will give me some cool options I can do things with like you described. I’m learning & taking baby steps each way. Joining this forum shows me all the neat things people pull off.

I’ll look at the other thread you linked, I’m sure I’ll have many questions along the way. baby steps lol learn, process/understand the workings of it all, picture it all working in action in my head… then attempt it the install!

I don’t have pictures readily available but that would not be very helpful anyway, it’s a bunch of parts and wires. Wiring once you have the diagram is quite easy, you just need a wire stripper and a screwdriver basically.

Once you get the panel look at the connections on the back and compare to my diagram. If you want I can redraw and post the diagram without the siren option for a clearer read. You can PM me with specific questions.

Hi Geotrouvetour67,
I have a SimonXT and about to cut off monitoring.I am thinking of self monitoring using a cellular module as you explain here. I got a couple of clarifications if you could help me.

  1. Are there wireless sirens that I could mount outside to sound if alarm goes off. Is a Z-wave siren is such a siren.
  2. You mention that one could program 4 phone numbers.Manual says four and two are for monitoring companies. Could I program these to any number I want


  1. Maybe? I have one inside and it pretty much does not work, I have not reseached if there are better ones. Instead I installed a super loud outside siren, inside, but it’s wired and on a battery.

2.Not sure about the manual but I believe I have my cell phone programmed twice, first and last call, in between I have my wife’s phone and my office phone. The alarm will dial in order so this is important, you can enter any number you want.

Now that I’m back here, I’m returning a question to you or the community: I can’t find the programming password and it’s not the default one, what’s the procedure to reset it?

Thanks for reply. I have Simon XTI. I just stopped my monitoring plan. I looked in to programming the phone numbers. Controller only shows Phone number 3 and 4. It does not show one and two. those two may be reserved to Monitoring company. I have a cellular circuit in the controller as well.
I did not try to enter phone numbers and see if works yet. tomorrow Im going to try. My concern is that it will ring at and not call me. will test tomorrow. Got the Fixed wireless terminal and the sim.
If you have suggestions for me to get access to the phone number 1 and phone number 2, I greatly appreciate.
thanks again