GE Simon sensors

(Fred K) #1

I’m looking for opinions from those that already had a GE Simon based system and installed Smartthings. I have a Simon 3 that was monitored by ADT. It is now unmonitored and I have been able to reset to defaults. Should I set up Smartthings as a secondary hub to the GE Simon or should I pair the sensors directly to Smartthings? I’m not entirely clear whether there would be any advantage to make Smartthings a secondary hub as I don’t know what data would be sent to Smartthings (e.g. Would Smartthings detect sensor events or just if the alarm goes off on the Simon?).

Furthermore, I’m not even sure if the sensors will pair directly with Smartthings. I have 2 door switches, 2 combination door switch/ glass breakage sensors, and 2 motion sensors.

Thanks in advance for the help.

(Paul) #2

Simon uses a propriatory RF and is not compatible with z-wave. There are various discussions on linking a security system with SmartThings.

(Fred K) #3

I guess my next question then would be is it worth the hassle linking Simon to Smartthings? It seems to me it would be cumbersome getting these two systems to work together reliably.