GE, Networx, Interlogix Caddx NX8 security System Integration?

Yes, the system is still available.
I’ve PM’d as requested (and PM’d the other folks who requested previously. I always endeavor to reply within a day or so at most)

New software release for the Networx Alarm System Bridge is now available here: -

If you wish to update then please note that you will need to update both the device firmware, and the SmartThings device handler.
You should not need to re-create the zone devices, but you will need to re-make the changes to add tiles for the additional zone buttons if you have more than 8 zones (as per the installation instruction).

The main changes with this release are: -

  • Support for up to 64 zones
    (still 16 named zone limit, unless you have an LCD keypad, but I’m hoping to extend that in a future release)
  • Greatly improved web interface, with zone summary page, and better control via web interface
  • Improved refresh-button functionality via SmartThings device (useful in case of a SmartThings server outtage causing zone status to need to be refreshed)

I will try this tonight, any update on the wire-Ethernet module, if you have it available I’d like to buy it to replace my wireless one

btw any changes on the documentation or new version?

I’m in the progress of updating the installation documentation to include screenshots of the new firmware, but other than updating the device handler there’s not much that shouldn’t be fairly self-explanatory.
The web interface now has a greatly improved homepage, showing device and zone status (it doesn’t auto-refresh however, to avoid excess network bandwidth, but you can refresh manually. If people want any automatic refresh then I could make it optional).
There’s a new pull-down menu on the top-right of the page to go to the other pages, including debug and setup pages.

Let me know if you do have any issues or questions.

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Hi all.
Seems like there was an issue with the setup and debug pages of the updated web interface of the 0.02.02 firmare. This should now be resolved with the 0.02.03 firmware version here: -

(also updated the device handler to 0.02.04 to fix an issue with install for new users adding zones)

The new web interface: -

Could you provide a link to the Smartthings device handler? I can’t seem to find it. I had assumed I could just do an update from repo, but for some reason I don’t see it. :/.

Sorry for delay responding (hurricanes are annoying)
It should have been in the last zip file I posted, I’ll double-check …

Yup it’s the text file within the zip

What repo are you trying to update from ?
Smartthings aren’t currently allowing devs to publish their own handlers through their service anymore, so it has to be a manual update unfortunately.

Hi @LeeFL , same comment as some of the other posters here. I’m a new user who can’t IM, looking for information on a kit for an NX-6 (not V2) and if it’ll work! Stay safe from the hurricanes :slight_smile:


Hi LeeFL,

I have the NX-8E alarm panel . It already has a serial to ethernet adapter which was used with the DL900 software about 8 years ago.

Do I need any additional hardware to implement your Smartthings integration? If so, please let me know what is needed and cost.

Also, I would appreciate any information you have regarding instructions, links etc. so that I can see if it is something I can handle.

Thank you.

Hi LeeFL, your kit looks to be exactly what I need, how do I get a hold of you to order one? Thx Glen

I’ve sent a private message :slight_smile:

Hi LeeFL,

I am also interested in your kit. My device is NX-6v2. Can you PM me regarding placing an order, please.



Please PM me regarding placing an order for this kit. I also have an NX-6v2.



I’ve been using your system for over a year now and it’s been working great!! Thanks again!

In the version I am running, when the alarm is armed the Smart Home Monitor status is unchanged. Since I cannot use the Alarm status to create automations (or can I?) is there a way to sync the Alarm status with the SHM status (which is available as a rule input in automations)?


I figured it out. Posting it here for anyone interested.

  • Find the device handler handleAlarmStatus(statusString) method and add the following sendEvent command before the “break” command at each of the three states:

sendEvent(name: “alarmSystemStatus”, value: “off”)
sendEvent(name: “alarmSystemStatus”, value: “away”)
sendEvent(name: “alarmSystemStatus”, value: “stay”)

Awesome, thanks Mike.
You actually can use the alarm state as a trigger using WebCoRE, but having it available via SmartHomeMonitor is cleaner. I’ll include that in an official update. Thanks.

P.S. Do you know the SHM status for ‘tripped’ off-hand ? (I’m sure I can find it)

Sent you PM for getting the kit for the NX-8V2.

Hello @LeeFL

My neighbor and I are going to buy 2 kits! I am the first one up. Please PM me on how to order? Its my first post so I am unable to PM you. I have the NX-8E

I read this entire thread and am aware of the wifi hacking security issue, this does not concern me. I do need the ability to disarm the system via the ST app, has that functionality been ironed out yet?


Hi Abe,
Will send PM in a minute :slight_smile: