Connect Existing Security System to Smartthings

Hello, I am considering a smartthings system. I have looked at the prices for the sensors on all of my doors. And well, let’s just say… 400 dollars Anyways, I currently have a JSS system which appears to use Honeywell devices. Problem? I would like to connect this system to my smarthings system without paying 200 extra dollars. I am fine with using an Arduino. I just can’t write my own code for it. Anyways, is there a way to connect it to my system and save a couple hundred dollars and mounting things on my doors? P.S: JSS Installed the Honeywell products, but all they do is monitor it. I would like to keep their service so that if the alarm is set off, then they call and do all of their stuff. All I really want is for JSS to see it and Arduino to see it (and connect to smartthings, of course.) Thank you.

This product essentially acts like a keypad console to the alarm system converting the commands to IP. I think the Vera folks got it integrated so I am sure its possible with some work.

Do you know where I could find a way to do this “work” because I would really like to use smartthings and not eyezon. Thanks for the reply.

Eyezon is the only interface that may allow what you want to do to work.

Could I connect eye on to smartthings?

I believe that’s where your arduino or some programming kicks in. That HAM Bridge might work but not sure.

If your alarm panel has programmable outputs (most do), you can use those to feed alarm panel status (armed/disarmed/alarm) to SmartThings either using ShieldThing or ZWave door sensors with wire terminals and a couple of relays. You won’t be able to get status of individual zones, but this is the simplest integration possible.

This is a dream come true. I have a good hardwired DSC security system and would love to access it from the Internet. Have you worked with one?


I do not have this however, I did a lot of research when I needed a security system for my new house. I eventually went with an solution because their was no upfront costs for the system versus the DSC.