GE, Networx, Interlogix Caddx NX8 security System Integration?

Can you send me the info on the board for the nx-8e? I’d like to get one for an integration but can’t send you a PM


@LeeFL I am a DIY’er and I find your setup very intriguing.
I have been trying to setup a Wemos D1 to connect to my NX-8E via the serial port but I have not been very successful. I would be very appreciative it you might share some of the basic part of your code to get me started in the right direction.
I too, like @cbunting, am new to this forum and I am not sure I can send IM messages yet.
thank you for any help you can provide.


I was also wondering, you state in you instructions that there are ‘electronics’ in the serial cable connecting the D1 to the rs-232, can you tell me what these electronics do exactly? I have not seen anything like that on any other setup.

Replying via PM

Hi LeeFL,

I cannot PM since I’m new to this board. I’m interested in buying your package. I do have a couple questions but I don’t want to clutter the main thread. Could you PM be when you get a chance? Thanks!

@LeeFL Hi. I bookmarked this page back the first part of 2018. Just revisited it, glad to see it’s still active. I’m ready to order your kit, but like others I can’t initiate PM. FYI. Bought my house in 2003 has a NX-8 installed with mostly wireless zones. The primary reason I want to use the existing sensors vs. installing a bunch of z-wave ones is longevity. The batteries in the alarm system sensors last 5-10 years between replacement. All the reading I’ve done on z-wave is battery changing every few months. The secondary reason is I’m cheap. If I already have a dozen sensors installed and working, why not use 'em. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it as they say.

I’ve been using it since 2003 as a local only alarm configuration. The original alarm monitoring company has long since gone out of business. Finally took the time this weekend to brute force the programming code. Now that I have it, I’m ready to tie it to my SmartThings! Looking forward to your response.

I’ve finally got around to updating the install doc properly for the v2 hardware.
The updated installation instructions can be found here:

Only the hardware install steps have been updated at this point.


Is there a way to call the IpAddress\restart function of the Alarm System Bridge when we have a user name and password?

I would like to, about once a week, restart the ASB manually.

Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I missed this message somehow.
You mean to call the restart method from within SmartThings app, rather than via the web interface ?

Yes, that is correct

Hey @LeeFL is there a way to schedule the system to turn on?

Also, are you offering the additional module to remotely disable the system yet? I recall there was a mention but I don’t know if it was ever completed.

@GeorgeCastanza I think I already replied via IM, but I’m trying to get that working, but having some issues with a SmartThings bug not letting the tile show up properly

@aniraf There’s no timing functionality built into my system directly, (it could in theory be added, but I’m concerned the clock functionality wouldn’t be accurate, and would drift over time).
You could certainly use WebCore to automate arming of the alarm at a certain time, BUT it would be dependent on an internet connection, since WebCoRE automations are processed online, so it wouldn’t work if you lost internet connection (so I’d be concerned about relying on that, and assuming that it had worked ok).
Yes, disarm functionality is available, but it’s not enabled by default, since there’s obvious security risks with allowing disarming of the alarm via an internet-connected device. IM me if you want to use this functionality anyway (accepting the risks)

I had hoped that I could use SmartThings to activate the alarm at a scheduled time. In my use case, I wouldn’t be worried about the chance of an internet failure because it is generally a “nice to have” that my alarm is armed.

As it stands, I find myself manually setting it every night which is certainly less reliable than my internet connection :).

You can certainly do that with WebCoRE, if you don’t mind the reliance on an internet connection. If you need any help with how to set up a ‘piston’ then let me know and I can try to provide some guidance or an example.

I am interested in your kit. Would you mind sending me a PM?

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I am also interested in your kit. I am new here so I can’t PM you. Would you mind sending me a PM?


Upgrading wired security panel to hybrid solution w/ monitoring. Considering DSC PowerSeries NEO or Interlogix NX8E. I’d like to integrate Smarththings. Your kit could be the catalyst in the solution I take (DSC or Interlogix). Please send a PM on how to order. Thank you.

Hi @LeeFL, I’m interested in buying one of your kits from you and also have a couple of questions – I don’t want to clutter the main thread but I can’t yet send a PM as I’ve just created my account here. Do you mind initiating a PM with me? Thanks very much!

Hi @LeeFL, I’m in the same boat as many here that are new to the forum with not being able to send PMs. I own a Caddx NX8e system so I’d be very interested in purchasing a kit from you if they are still available.


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