Ge link bulbs

So from what I gather on the forums, ge link bulbs DO work with smart things. They work without a hub or bridge. They work completely with the st hub, nothing else needed, correct?

Also they get very hot, but this is NOT a safety concern. Is this also correct?

Are there a limit to how many you have?

Can they be operated independently?

Can they be turned off and on by a normal switch or only by the app or both?


nothing else needed other than upgraded firmware available from support. They do get hot and there is a warning about putting them in enclosures. I don’t think there is any limit. Yes you can operate them independently just like any other smart device. You can turn them off both at the switch or the app. However, if the switch is off the app won’t work.

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Also, if you switch them off or on from a physical switch (cutting or restoring the power), the bulbs do not send that event to the Smartthings hub. So it’s quite possible to end up with their state “out of sync” with what Smartthings thinks it is.

^^^ This

For the price the added feature of programming is very nice but it’s very hard to train a house full of people that are trained to flip a light switch on for light to not do that anymore.

…unfortunately my household appears to have no problem training themselves to not turn a light off. Hence my interest in “smart bulbs”

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It’s true, @Drewbert34. In my experiance, the only way to go is to modify existing switches with the Aeon Micros, or replace existing switches with something z-wave enabled.


Lol… unfortunately thereby negating the need for an led bulb with a z wave or zigbee radio

They still have their place. If I lived alone I would totally love them!

If someone could whip up code to notify and update the app for manual light switch “on” occurrences and “off” based on non-returned ping events, we wouldn’t be in the dark as bad…pardon the pun.

There was a thread here where I saw someone was editing the device type to do this, but I can’t seem to find it now.


I saw that and am watching.

can you give me the link or the thread name?

Let me see what I can do from my phone…


This one?

I think there was another thread that actually had a draft device type in it, I just can’t seem to locate the thread right now. I don’t think it started as a GE link thread is the problem. But maybe I’m wrong.


I’ll hunt around some tonight and report back here if I think I’ve found it.

I’ve asked around about “off” updating based on non-returned pings (both here and directly to ST support), but I haven’t been able to find any leads. Modifying a device type to that extent is above my pay grade for sure. I’d be very curious if there’s a solution out there.

This is getting informative.

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This may be helpful!


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