GE Link bulbs won't re-pair after reset

So I have a number of GE Link bulbs around the house, most of which work with no problems.

I have two on the same circuit that intermittently stop responding. Usually I just let them rest for a few minutes and they’re fine but not so today.

I couldn’t get them to play nice so removed them from ST, reset the bulbs, and attempted to re-add. Nothing.

The bulbs flash three times as if they are in the process of connecting but then nothing happens after that, the app just sits on “finding devices”.

I have other GE Link bulbs in the house that are working fine. There used to be a way to add a generic ZWave device, is that still the case? Why are these two not responding?

I had GE and Cree bulbs lose connection after the latest update. The GE bulbs I got back, but the Cre kept giving me issues. Not sure if it would be related with an update problem or not

Sometime after the 3 flashes and you don’t see the bulbs. Try closing the ST app and opening it again. I find a couple of times that the app didn’t find anything new but the IDE got it so closing and reopening seem to work.

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I have three GE Link bulbs on the same circuit that has stopped responding to the hub twice in the last two days. This has never happened before for me. Both times, they started responding again after a power cycle, but something definitely seemed to have changed,

I’m still on a V1 hub (I haven’t bothered to completely redo my system to upgrade to the V2 hub that’s been lying idle for more than a year now…)