Anyone still using GE Link bulbs? Can't pair with ST

I just got back into using ST and for some reason I cant detect my ge link bulbs even after resetting them.

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First thing to check… if you have any custom device handlers for zigbee lights. If yes, login to IDE and open the device handlers and publish for me again. ResET the bulbs again and Then try to add them.


I have two of them that I’ve had for years. I just put one back in-service last weekend. After resetting it I had no problem with ST finding it. I did use a lamp that was in same the room with the hub to pair it. It was found as a GE Link Bulb. I also noticed that I could change the dimming to instant instead of the slow fading. I never noticed that before, but I was glad it was there. Whenever I can, I try to pair close to the hub.


I used to have a lot of problems with GE Link bulbs constantly falling off the network but ever since I added them to a Hue bridge, it has been much more reliable.

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Thanks Jim! Bought a refurbished gen 1 hue bridge for $17 and it immediately found the bulbs.

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