GE Link Bulbs Updates?

So I have a ton of these bulbs connected to my ST hub and they have always had the standard GE Link issues. Basically they work well until they don’t, and then have to be reconnected. Not a huge deal but makes everything a little inconsistent.

Are there any updates for these so that they work properly?

Nope. They are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Well that’s about $200 in bulbs down the tubes :frowning:

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They are compatible with the Hue Bridge so if you pair the bulbs with that rather than the Smartthings hub, I have found them to be much more reliable. You can still access the bulbs with Smartthings with the Smartthings <-> Hue cloud to cloud connection. The drawback is the cloud to cloud connectivity which can sometimes be laggy. Although for me, not enough to be a problem and I prefer the to have the better reliability.