Ge link bulbs dropping out of network/coming back in as new bulb

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I tried to explain that one as best I could.

Here lately this happens about once every 2 weeks. The original bulb will still be there but will no longer work. The bulb will then come back as a new “thing”.

I’ve had varying success in getting the original bulb to respond by deleting the new bulb.

Has anyone else had this happen with regularity?


I have not. Did you by chance have support update your zigbee firmware. I was having some issues (unrelated) and they updated my firmware. Been hunky dory ever since.

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You need ZigBee firmware version 1.5.4 installed in the Hub. that seemed to solve most of my issues.


We’ve seen this behavior before. It’s unrelated to the firmware version. We’ve never been able to recreate it in our lab though.

(Eric) #5

Mine have dropped out…icon still there but does nothing. Can’t seem to ever get it back on as I can’t get GE link to try to re-pair.

These have been rock solid since I purchased way back when released…so this is a new hurdle.


Of my 6 GE bulbs only one has on occasion stopped responding while a new “thing” for that bulb appeared. Only solution I found was to delete the original non-responding bulb, rename the new bulb to the old name and I am back in business. This has happened at least two times in the past 4-6 months however I havent seen this problem return for about 4-6 weeks after I installed the original ST Motion detector (with zigbee repeater) about 12’ from the culprit bulb. Coincidence???

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I’ve also seen this, although pretty infrequently. I just had this happen this week. However, instead of removing the old bulb instance, I update the device network ID in the IDE (on the old device) to whatever the new device is using, then delete the new device. Saves me from having to remove and re-add the device from a bunch of Apps.

edit: I will add that I don’t have any ST motion detectors. The only Zigbee devices I have connected right now are GE Links, Quirky Trippers and a directly connected Hue. One thing that I’ve noticed (that could be a coincidence) is that the only ones this has happened with are those that are in close proximity (1-2 ft) to another GE Link, such as in a fan light or other multi-bulb fixture…

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@mitchp that’s another slick way to skin a cat!

I was doing what @cdikland was doing with my phone as it was easiest. I didn’t originally think that it’s a range thing as (ironically) the bulbs in question are usually closest to the hub…but now that you mention it…I too installed an original motion sensor plugged into the wall and have had no issues with any of the surrounding bulbs.

I don’t recall if I have done a network repair lately. I’ll try that and pay more attention to bulb location vs. repeaters.

Thank you to all that have contributed to the thread!

(Ray) #9

I do reset and add pretty much weekly. This is how I do it. Reset the bulb. Open you phone and click on add new device. Click back on your phone and you are back in business. You don’t have to delete or remove the bulb in ide or phone. That would drive me crazy to redo all the scheduling. I started having problem after installing 6 new zigbee motion sensors from Best buy. Can’t be a coincidence but then again…

(Eric) #10

do you do this by the three on and off quickly until it blinks? Cant get mine to quite do it, but must be missing something.

And click back on the phone once it sees it again, or just right aware after clicking add new device?

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Off 3 second, on 3 seconds for 5 times.

Edit : click back on the phone after about 30 seconds or so after searching for new devices. There won’t be any indication of new device found.

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So don’t delete the new bulb that has added itself or do? I’m assuming delete new bulb and reset current bulb and follow your directions?

(Ray) #14

Why don’t you start all over by deleting both devices this time but next time just reset the bulb.

(Mitch Pond) #15

Sometimes they drop off the network, but a new device is not created. In these cases, just resetting the bulb works. I’ve found that once the new bulb device has spawned, resetting it doesn’t really accomplish anything. You’d need to either delete both and start over or perform the trick I mentioned above.

(Ray) #16

I am moving all my bulbs to hue hub in a week or so. Can’t stand random ge bulb at full blast in the middle of the day. Maybe hub v2 will solve this problem.


I’m running 9 GE bulbs in a Hue Bridge. Bulbs work great, Hue bridge works great–except with SmartThings. Control via Amazon Echo, Beecon+, IFTTT, third party apps, and native Hue app is all solid and reliable. SmartThings, however, about every two days stops polling the Hue bridge and consequently nothing using the bulbs, including The Big Switch, works. Opening Hue Connect (the official ST integration), tapping DONE, and closing it again restarts polling and everything works OK again for another day or two. Then it dies again.

So while I’m very happy with the combination of GE bulbs and Hue Bridge, add ST to the picture and it just dies a lot. The restart is easy for most people, just a single app refresh (you don’t have to fiddle with each bulb), but still annoying.


I spoke too soon. I had a GE Bulb drop out and have to run it manually now. I was too lazy when I got home from work to reset it. I have two in the same light fixture. One is ok, the other is not. I hope the GE wasn’t a mistake. At least they were cheap relatively speaking.

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I have had issues with on particular bulb in my foyer light which houses 2 GE Link bulbs. I would say that over the last year I’ve had the same bulb drop off the network at least 4x’s while the other bulb has never done so that I can recall.

(Ray) #20

Having all 7 GE bulbs with the Hue bridge for a week now. I have zero problem. Even 2 of my Peq motion sensors started to work with ST again. Don’t think I will have my bulbs back with ST for a while.

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It is what it is as they say.

Smart bulbs really aren’t the answer I was looking for and smart switches are…but I knew that before buying them.

Be that as it may, my setup works wonderfully 99% of the time; so… I’m grateful.