GE Light switch LED defaulted to Never

I had a weird thing happened the other day. I have about 1 dozen GE light switches, that have been installed for a couple years. They were not installed at the same time but in various stages. and 6 Ceiling Fan switches. The LED light, on all of the light switches, defaulted to never. The fans stayed as programmed. I use the default DH on the switches and I use “Z-Wave Smart Fan Control” DH on the fans. The switches all worked fine it was just odd the LED’s on all defaulted to never,
Anyone else notice this, did ST change the DH?



You can go into the ST app and change the LED status to ON, OFF or never ON. The GE zigbee version is not as good by default. You have only ON when light off or never ON.

I’ve had a few of mine change randomly as well. I have them all set to LED On when switch is Off, but I noticed awhile ago that a few lost their setting and a couple even reversed so the LED was on with switch on. No idea what caused it.

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I actually keep track of this and 90% of the time caused by platform upgrade.

It happened to me this week.

You can actually switch the LEDs on the GE ZigBee version with a combination of presses on the switch. See the post below.

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I know but only for LED on when light Off or never ON.

That’s when it happened to me. Changing it i,back s not the issue. Why they all changed by themselves is the question.

I have a GE 12722 that I installed a few months ago. LED light was operational at first but suddenly stopped working. Truth be told, the wiring job initially was less than ideal, but I rewired everything recently. I tried setting different options for the LED, but no change. My last try will be to possibly reset, exclude, & reassociate, but might not be worth it as I actually prefer always off. Just odd how it would just stop working

Same here. It has happened to the same switch a couple of times for me. All by itself. It’s concerning that it happens like that.

Anyupdate to this issue in 2018/2019 year? I just installed 3 new on/off switch and in process of program to ST, the led indicator went to power off when light switch is of and on , with on

If your switches are GE Z Wave Plus, this device handler you should be able to control how the LED works, along with utilizing the double tap feature which is very handy if you have a use for it.

If you need any info on how to use the handler just let me know.