Blue led on GE fan control won't turn off

I have used the smartthings app and set the led to be never lit, but when the fan is on, the led is on. Only have this issue with the fan control. Regular light switches will turn off using never option.

With the Fan Control that is a known issue. No fix right now. I believe it’s a firmware issue.

Try this:



I’ve been trying to fix this for the longest time. There is a delay before the blue light goes off, but it does eventually turn the blue LED off!!!


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Is the above smartapp still working for others? For me it only works for a few on/off cycles. After a few cycles I’ll find the LED is on. If I go into the app and select done, the LED will be off again, but only for a few cycles.

It’s not working for me either. Has anyone found any alternative solutions?

The solution is in the other forum. Tap ON ON ON OFF really fast to turn the led off.

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