GE/Jasco Switch Wired Correctly but "Upside down"

I was visiting a friend and he showed me his GE/Jasco Dimmer and the odd behavior. He has 4 switches installed and all have the blue light at the bottom. One of them turns off with a top touch and on with a bottom touch. I spent an hour trying to figure out why…and failed.

Has anyone experienced this?

There’s an “invert Switch” parameter setting which allows you to reverse top and bottom. It’s normally used because an installer put a switch in upside down, but if you set it it will reverse them in any case.

If he wants it back the other way, he just has to change the parameters, but that will depend on the controller that he is using, and the exact model of the switch.

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Model #? Zigbee or Zwave? Depending on the model, you may be able to factory reset the device and add it back to ST, or maybe use zwave tweaker to see if those are settings that can be changed.

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ZWave, What is the ZWave tweaker? We tried to remove it in the classic app and it would say that Force Removed worked, but it didn’t. Tried a factory reset (3 taps on top followed by 3 on the bottom) and nothing happened.

It’s a nice little dth you can use:

BUT, look at @JDRoberts’s post for the switch and how to invert the switch. This is where Zwave Tweaker will help.

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How do you control these parameters?

Invert Switch
If the switch is accidentally installed upside down with “On” at the bottom and “Off” at the top, the default On/Off rocker settings can be reversed by changing parameter 4’s value to “1”.

  • Parameter No: 4
  • Length: 1 Byte
  • Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 0)

See my post above, or create your own custom DTH temporarily and then change back to the stock DTH. Either way you’ll need a custom DTH to fix this since the reset process didn’t work for you. You may need to try to exclude the device again since the force removal process failed for you. Basically I’d start all over again if I were you.

Sounds great thank you both. What does “dth” stand for?

No problem! DTH = device type handler

This will explain the terminology:

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)