GE/Jasco Smart Switches - Need some advice

Hey All,
It’s been a minute since I purchased some smart switches and I have had very good luck with the GE/Jasco smart switches. Seems there are newer ones since the last time I purchased. There are two of the smart switches in the style I’m looking for. Models 43072 and 46201. The problem is, I cannot tell what is different about each switch (other than one costs about $15-20 more than the other). Can someone help me out here?

From looking at the specs on, it appears that the 43072 can also function in the 277VAC light commercial enviroment, whereas the 46201 is only rated for 120VAC.

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Ok, thanks. I looked at it once more and that is really all I could tell was the difference, but several sources seem to mix the model numbers and it makes it confusing.

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Yes, it seems the main difference is that the 43xxx series is “Commercial-Grade” as indicated on the packaging, and supports 120-277V systems. It’s unclear if it also has higher-quality construction as is often the case for Industrial-grade electrical components. Also I noticed a description that said it had line/load sensing and the power source and controlled output could be swapped because it determines source automatically. I don’t think the consumer model has this as it’s usually clear about “line in” vs “load” connections.