GE Enbrighten z-wave plus fan control $30.76 @Amazon


In the description it states it works in a 3 way with the standard GE 3 ways.

I am assuming this means you can turn on and off, but maybe not change speed with the add-on switch?

usually the add-ons function the same as the main switch. So i bet you can.

I assume they are clearancing these out for a new model that matches the newer switches. No tabs, shallower, universal wiring, etc.

This is correct.

My fan has a wall switch for on off and the speed is controlled by a chain so I assume this won’t work for me. Question, am I just looking for an on/off light switch or is there a separate fan specific on/off?

With the GE Fan Control you can replace your fan dumb switch, set the fan via the chain to max (and leave it at that) and then control the speed with the GE.

If your fan also has lights then it’s a different story unless the lights are wired to a separate switch (or dimmer) already.

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Sadly, I missed this sale. However, you can find a few sellers on eBay who are selling these for $30 ea. FYI…

Now the dimmer switches are on sale…