Ceiling Fan & Light Wiring Help

I have gone completely brain dead on how to wire this up with a GE Dimmer and Add On Switches. Here is my setup. The ceiling fan itself is wired to a single switch while the ceiling fan light is wired to two switches. Here is what the wiring looks like. I just did a ceiling fan about 6 months ago at another house but for some reason my brain is not getting how the wiring should be. I would appreciate any help.

Before going any further, just to be sure, you are not connecting the fan motor to a light dimmer switch, right? You got the special switch made just for fan motors to use with the motor? And then light switch to use with the fan lights?

Fan Control Switch

Light Control Switch

That matters for two reasons. First of all, if you try to attach a motor to a dimmer switch intended for lights, you can burn out either the motor or the switch or both as the physics are different.

Second, it means you’re going to have two master switches, one for the lights and one for the fan.

As far as how you would connect the add on switches to all of that, I will leave that up to the wiring experts like @Navat604

Ok based on what I can see here, here’s what I THINK you have. DISCLAIMER - I am not an electrician but I’ve just finished a TON of these in my home.

Wire 1 12-2 Romex and is your circuit’s main therefore the black wire is the line and the white is the neutral back to the breaker box. (I assume you omitted the grounds for clarity and there’s one in there too.

Wire 2 Is 12-3 Romex and is the lead going to the LAMP 3 way extension. The way this is wired currently it’s Black is wired directly to the main hot (making this wire ‘LINE’ for the lamp switch) and your red and white are the return current, back to the LAMP switch in the 2-gang box

Wire 3 is 12-3 Romex and goes to the fan, The white is neutral, the black is the LOAD wire for the LAMP and the red is the LOAD for the Fan.

Here’s what I’d do. After ripping it all out of course.

Make white pigtails for all three switches connect them into neutral on the back of the switches. Wire them all together in a big wire nut (including that one you can’t tell if it’s white or black from Wire 2, 99% chance it’s white) to the neutral (white) on Wire 1

Make Black Pigtails for all three switches and connect them to the LINE port on the back of your switches in the two gang and wire nut them together with the Hot (black) on wire 1 AND the black on wire two.

Connect the LOAD of the DIMMER / Switch to the Black on Wire 3

Connect the LOAD of the FAN CONTROLLER to the Red on Wire 3

Connect the TRAVELLER (no120) to the red on wire 2.

In the remote single gang box:
Connect white to neutral
Connect Black to LINE
Connect Red to Traveller

Flip Breaker and look for sparkage.

Good luck.

I think it’s best to double check this. I see 2 errors on his drawing. It’s critical to get the right wire on the right screw terminal of the switch. First error is the light switch on the left. The light load wire should be on the dark screw terminal of the 3 ways switch. This means the white wires on “wire 2” romex is wired to the line hot bundle and this same white wire going to the right light switch on the dark screw terminal and that’s error #2. Please confirm your drawing if that’s correct.

edit : also confirm you are following @JDRoberts advice on the switches.


If my guesses above are correct then here’s the drawing.

Your light is #9 on this page