Ceiling Fan Z-Wave controller EU/UK

Hello ST Community!

I have been reading a few of the older posts saying NOT to use a z-wave lights dimmer to control a ceiling fan, but I have not found any solution of any z-wave device that can control both the on/off and the speed of the fan that is EU/UK compatible.

Has anybody found a solution or a workaround to this?

My goal is to be able to control the fan through my Google Assistant and ST.

I don’t know of any devices made for the UK/EU that are comparable to what is available in the US.

What you can do is get a fan that has a remote control. Then start working on ways to automate that remote.

For example, if it is an IR remote, it will probably be compatible with Logitech Harmony.

If it is an RF remote, it gets trickier, but you may be able to use Broadlink.

If it just has buttons that need to be pushed, you may be able to use one of the automatic button pushers like Naran Push or Switchbot, Although these can get quite expensive as you need one pusher for each button.

So since you asked about workarounds, there May be some, but They tend To be based on fans that already have their own remote.

Thanks @JDRoberts JDRoberts for your reply!

I will have 6 fans in 6 rooms, so ideally i was hoping to find a fibaro or a aeotec module to install in each room.

or something similar to the below but EU compatable

There is a google assistant device in each of the room so I would want to ideally control the fan and speed with voice commands.

Automating the remote? I would not know where to start with that :frowning:

I don’t believe there are any smartthings – compatible fan Control switches for Europe that are similar to the GE switch you linked to. :disappointed_relieved: Vesternet doesn’t list any, and they usually have a good selection.

But if you have a fan that already has a remote, we can start talking about ways to automate the remote. That’s what I was listing in my previous post. We would need the exact brand and model of the fan because the math it will vary depending on the protocol that the remote uses.