GE Enbrighten toggle will not turn off light

I have one GE Enbrighten toggle (not dimmer), model 46202, that will no longer turn the light completely off. It cuts the brightness of the light down about in half but no longer simply turns the light off. It does not fade dim like my dimmers, it just decreases the brightness. The LED in the toggle shows the light as off but it is not. Also the front metal plate of the switch is warm to the touch. The switch controls an outside flood light.

All other single toggle and toggle dimmers are working normal. All switches were purchased June 2021.

I cut the power to the switch at the breaker and re-energized the circuit after five minutes but that did not help. I also tried the normal reset (3 rapid up followed by 3 rapid down) but that did not help either.

I have a whole house surge protector in our electrical panel so there is no way a power surge is responsible.

I suspect the switch simply when bad but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.

It sounds like a bad switch.

You should call Jasco customer service. They are usually very responsive.