Enbrighten Dimmer Switch 46204 not dimming LED cans

I just added some Dimmable Canless LED lights to my living room. I paired with an Enbrighten 46204 Dimmer toggle switch. The switch paired quickly and the LEDs came on fine.

However, The dimming just doesn’t seem to work. I maybe get a few percentage point drop in brightness out of the lights, which then get a flicker. I’ve tried adjusting the brightness range in the switch, but nothing changed. The lights were 4" Patriot lights from menards. A bit on the cheap side, so I could understand if it’s the lights causing the issue. That said, amazon reviews indicate a few problems with LEDs similar to mine. (should’ve read them first I guess).

I do have a gen 1 GE dimmer switch in the same room on another set of LED lights (non cans) that works flawlessly.

Am I missing something? Anything I can do besides A) swap the switch out B) swap the LEDs out?

I had the same issue with a GE Enbrighten dimmer and some “canless” LEDs.

The bottom line seems to be that not all dimmers and switches will work with all LED lights.

I mostly use Zooz ZEN27 dimmers on my ceiling lights and get full range. For one canless, I’m using a Leviton DZS15. I put the GE dimmer on a different fixture and it works fine.

Forgot to mention. If you want to stick with GE, try their Zigbee dimmer. I have one of those running some of the same canless LEDs that didn’t work with the GE Z-wave dimmer.

since jasco wouldn’t respond to my support request, I ordered some inovelli dimmers. Still going to try swapping can lights out to see if that fixes the problem, but I expect that it won’t.

weird that a zigbee ge dimmer would be different… might be worth trying.

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You might have some luck swapping cans. I know I’ve got one or two that have minor dimming issues, flickering at low levels even though others on the same dimmer are fine.

The Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers have worked great for me. Had one spot with some Kodak Edison-style LED bulbs that did not turn fully off with a ZEN26 switch, had to use a different model. And two circuits where they would come back on after a power outage, they fixed that with a firmware update. Their support has been excellent!

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