GE Dimmer switches

I’ve got 2 questions about them:

1st, the SmartThings shop sells 2 versions 12729 & 45857GE. Is the only difference one is in a nice GE branded box?

2nd, will these work outside the US? I can’t find any info on them requiring 110V or if they’re 100V-240V. If they wont work on 240V is there another brand that will for dimmable LEDs?

Keep in mind that Z-wave is not the same frequency outside of the US.

You need to make sure the devices you are buying match the Z-wave frequency you are using.

Click on the word “Type” at the top of the one column to sort all devices by type, then scroll down to find Dimmer Switch.

OK, well now I know the difference between the 2 products.

The 45857GE is Zigbee vs the 12729 which is Z-wave.

The Zigbee protocol works in ISM space (2.4Ghz) so no issues on country specs there. Still unsure if voltage is an issue though.