GE 14291 On/Off Switch Hum/Buzz

Installed a GE on/off smart switch (14291) and getting a loud buzz when it’s turned on. I’ve tried swapping out with another of the exact same model - no difference. Then tried using different neutral & ground wires - same issue. Then tried using a dumb on/off switch, then no buzz. And then tried using a GE smart dimmer (14294) and interestingly no buzz.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any reason why this would be the case?

The dimmer is controlling an LED mirror which is not dimmable from a switch (has an internal dimming feature) so needs full power. But…if I left on full power and didn’t dim, any reason I couldn’t use the 14294 GE smart dimming switch? Or, does anyone have any recommendations for a simple smart on/off switch that is actually quiet?

Didn’t we just have this conversation last week about a different one of your fixtures?

All of the same discussion applies. A buzz is the result of a vibration and varies depending on the combination of switch, fixture, bulb, and wiring. Sometimes it just takes trial and error.

We would need the brand and model number of the mirror, but it’s very likely that it has a transformer built into it. So all of the same issues apply.

Also, we just had a conversation about dimmers with non-dimmable bulbs in a different thread with somebody else last week, so I don’t want to go over all of that again. But the short answer is in general you should not use a dimmer with a non-dimmable bulb unless the switch itself has a parameter which lets it be changed to act like an on/off switch. 100% bright is not the same as on, the physics are very different.

In your case, it’s even worse since your mirror has its own internal dimmer control. The two dimmers are very likely to confuse each other and burn out one or the other or both.

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Thanks @JDRoberts and sorry to be redundant if so. Yes, we had a similar conversation, but it was slightly differently, and given that - as you mentioned - each configuration is different, I thought it might be worth an ask. I also gratefully remember your recommendations of the other switches, and actually ordered the Cooper based on your recommendations (thanks). So, was hoping someone out there might have a similar recommendation for a more quiet switch. It sounds like you’re saying there is no rhyme or reason why the particular on/off switch I’m mentioning might sound louder, and that the community’s experience is that the GE on/off switch mentioned is not inherently noisy.

And apologies more broadly for the multitude of questions. I’m setting up my smart house now and anticipate I’m a bit more needy and active than I’d usually be. I’d hope to eventually give as much as I get, which is quite a bit, and quite appreciated. Thanks for your wisdom and patience with me.