GE 14294 Smart Dimmer and LED Bulb Buzz

I installed a GE 14294 Smart Dimmer with Commercial Electric Recessed LED Trim. I have 4 LEDs per dimmer. In addition I’m using the remote add-on. I have the neutral wire installed at all locations.

The dimmer and LED are behaving properly. Dimming at a steady rate to low levels with no flickering.

That said, Im getting a light buzz from the dimmer and the LEDs bulbs.

Any ideas.

Its seems dimmer and LED combinations can be hit or mis, or you have to stick to specific model combinations that the manufacturer specifies.

  1. Never heard a dimmer buzzing. Some lights, yes
  2. Are all screws properly tighten at the dimmer? Any wires that might not make good contact in wire nuts?
  3. Do you have another bulb to try?

Can depend on the bulbs. I have Phillips Warm Glow dimmables on GE dimmers. The bulbs are silent (I had some Crees that were very loud and had to go). The dimmer does give off a very quiet buzz (and I mean very quiet - I can only tell if I put my ear to it).

I think so. Could be aggravated by low-load, you could try putting an incandescent bulb in one of the fixtures.