Secondary (in-wall?) control for 3 GE 45636 outlets?

(Andrew Stern) #1

I’ve got three of these GE outlets (with lamps plugged into the Z-Wave outlets) set up as a group with my Iris system right now, and I’d like to get a physical wall switch as a secondary controller to the hub. I’m not super satisfied with the options the Iris system provides and I’m considering switching to a ST hub. I have a couple of questions:

  • Is it possible to set up a secondary physical controller to turn these outlets on and off, and if so, would this setup work well/play nice with the ST hub?
  • What device would be the most likely to do what I’m looking to do? Right now I’m looking at something like the Evolve LTM-5 switch (or Linear WT00Z-1?) to do in-wall control, or the GE 45631 if I can’t wire something in. (I’d have to replace a box to make room for an in-wall switch anyway, so if the GE on-wall controller would work that’s a reasonable compromise.)

If a specific app would be needed, I am comfortable with configuring/creating it as I do have a programming background.

I appreciate any and all feedback as I am still quite new to home control tech =)