Edge Driver for GE Z-Wave Plus Heavy Duty Outdoor 40 Amp Switch

I’ve got a GE Z-Wave Plus Heavy Duty Outdoor 40 Amp Smart Switch (by Jasco, 12726) that controls my landscape lighting. This device has not automatically migrated to an Edge Driver. What ED should I use? I wrote to Jasco a few minutes ago for their input, but thought I’d ping the community, too.

The IDE says it is Type “Z-Wave Metering Switch” (it does have energy metering capabilities).

Note: I wanted to integrate my existing landscape lighting to Z-Wave, but I found that a new Z-Wave enabled lighting transformer to be horrendously expensive. This switch was about $100. I installed it upstream of the landscape transformer and it works perfectly.

Have you checked with @philh30. He has written some Jasco drivers.

I have two of these for my pool pump and light. They successfully work with the ‘Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc’ driver available at the Mariano Shared Beta Driver channel.

Thanks, Dan. I’m looking at Mariano’s repositories on Github, but don’t see that driver. How do I get to the “Mariano Shared Beta Driver channel”?