GE 3way (45740) not connecting - having trouble re-paring it

I have a GE/Jasco 3way switch (45740) in our garage that my hub seems to not see anymore. I’ve tried a network repair several times, but that didn’t work even with it close to the hub and several other wave devices around it for the mesh.

So, I tried the next step. I used a Minimote to exclude it, which I think worked since the Minimote flashed blue, after flashing red for remove mode, when I pressed the off side of the rocker on the switch. If that isn’t correct, let me know.

I then tried to have the hub discover it but it didn’t see it. I pulled the air gap for 30 seconds to “power cycle” the switch but that didn’t help.

So, is this dead or is there a proper way to do this? The manual for the switch is very general and doesn’t have good instructions regarding issues.

If I were you I’d perform a General Exclude and try excluding that switch again. Sounds like it wasn’t excluded correctly.


GE switches have a very specific glitch that tends to occur about six months out of warranty where the radio won’t reset even if you do an exclude. :disappointed_relieved:

The only thing that seems to help is to cut power to the switch completely, typically at the circuit breaker, and leave it off for at least two minutes before turning it back on. (Just using the airgap for this isn’t enough, it’s not clear why. It may have some kind of built-in surge protection that is getting in the way of the fix.) After that you should be able to exclude it and include it again.

Note, however, that if that does fix it it means the radio is on its way to failure and you will probably have to continue to do this several times a year for another year or two until it fails all together.

It’s not technically defective because it’s past The end of the warranty., But it’s very annoying. :rage:


If it’s dead, any suggestions on a replacement? I love that I don’t have to do any fancy wiring for the three way setup with this switch combo. Any others like that out there? Or maybe I just get zwave sockets for the giant lights that are installed.

Zooz seems to be very popular. (That’s the house brand for the smartest House.) I myself use Lutron Caseta switches and I’m very happy with those. :sunglasses:


Can you pair the Lutron Caseta switches directly to the ST hub, or do you need a Lutron Smart Bridge?

You’ll need a bridge. See the following post, it has all the details.

How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings

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I use Zooz for most of my 3-ways. They can do 3- and 4-way using the original dumb switch(es). Depending on the model you can replace the line side of the 3-way with a Zooz and not change any wiring.

However I don’t think they’ll work with the GE/Jasco add-on they use for 3-ways.

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Great. Now three zwave switches and a Zwave door lock are not responding. Ugh. I’m now wondering if I have a bigger issue here.

Zooz switches can’t be connected to the GE add-ons unfortunately. They will work with regular on/off switches and the ZEN21 and ZEN22 models can also be used with momentary switches, like the ZAC99 switch which is close in functionality to the GE add-on but only has one button / paddle for on/off and dimming. Feel free to get in touch with us with any specific questions @brianlees!

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Thanks everyone. I was able to get it excluded and then included as a new switch following @JDRoberts suggestion on the circuit breaker. The order that worked as breaker, exclude with the Minimote, then include. However, the Zooz switches are now on my radar for when this GE finally meets its maker.