GE 3-Way Wiring Help Needed

Hi guys.

I finished my first batch of GE 1-way switch installs and am getting started on my first GE 3-way.

I checked my wiring and mine is setup like #6:

A little confused on what I need to do to re-wire this, but the wiring that I have available should work, right?

Thanks in advance.

If yours is wired like #6 you do not have an available neutral :slightly_frowning_face:. That means you can’t wire switches directly to your load unless you use a switch that doesn’t require a neutral.

However, there are other options, like micro relays that you could wire into the light with the power from breaker. You can then use the wiring available to still use the existing switches to control the lights.

Hmmm… on closer inspection that would make sense. D’oh.

OK good news.

I believe I can fish 14/2 pretty easily to that outlet and connect to the neutral to one of the lights.

Am I still in business?

As long as you can get a 2 wire cable from either light to either switch box you are good. Or replace the 2 wire line in diagram 6 from switch box to light with a 3 wire.

Just so i understand this correctly, I need to hook up the master switch like the GE single pole and then just need a traveler and neutral connected to the auxiliary?

If so i got this!

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Yup. That’s it exactly.