GE Z-Wave 3-Way Switch Wiring Question

I need a little help figuring out how to wire my 3 way switches. The wiring I have is the same as “Option 3” in this link (electrician called it a three up/three down setup):

This means currently there is no neutral for the add-on switch, is there a way to rewire it so I can get these switches to work?

The specific switches I am using are the GE 12727 and GE 12728.

That setup will work fine for a GE switch and add-on. You need to install the master switch in the box with power from the breaker as per standard wiring.

In the overhead box, connect the two white (neutral) wires together (and also connect white to the light). The black load line from the master switch also connects to the light. The black wire to the add-on switch will not be used.

In the add-on box connect the white and red lines to the add-on switch.

here is good video i used to install my switches.

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