Neutral Wire?

Hi Guys,

I have added a bunch of single GE switches to my house and they all have an Neutral wire - All ok.
However today i tried to add a GE switch with an add-on switch and i believe i don’t have a neutral wire in either box. Is that strange? Can someone confirm for me that i don’t have one?

If not any options? The light goes to some strip lighting with GU-10 Halogen bulbs.
Can i hire an electrican to add a neutral wire?

It appears to me that you don’t have a neutral like you suspect. If that is the case your neutral is in the overhead light box. One recommendation I’d give is to find out if that other 3+way switch in the dual gang box has a neutral at the other switch. If it does, you could replace those with a GE switch and add-on and bring a line and neutral over with the existing wires.

In any case if you choose to use a GE switch or any other smart device you’ll need to rewire the light box as well. So you might want to verify the neutral is there.

If you can’t bring a line and neutral over your only option without running additional wires would be to purchase a relay and put it in your light box. Your existing switches would still work.

Here’s a reference. I’m guessing you have “power into light”

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i’m guessing in the picture titled “add on switch” has two romex cables going in to the box (please show a picture looking into the box), one to the light and the other (4 wire) to the other duplex switch.
read the instructions and i bet you can figure it out yourself. also there are lots of posts on this…

So as not to cross post, I’m going to post a question I had about wiring that perhaps this group of folks might be able to assist me with.

Wiring Assistance: Will the PD-6WCL work with my wiring?

Thank you in advance.

Here is a picture inside of the other 3+way switch in the dual gang box - no neutral either (for the sake of others I’m not interested in this switch).


Here’s a better picture looking inside of the box as well as another close up.
It does have two cables in this box (like you suggested)

I’m calling this the add-on switch only because in the other dual-gang picture when i take out the hot wire from both and turn on the break, the other dual-gang has current.

I believe im Option #5 from :

But suppose i am that, i still dont have a neutral do I?

Thanks for your help!!!

you need to disconnect the switches, turn the breaker back on, and check for the real live wire. i sure hope you don’t have option 5.

If you do have option 5, you could bury the switch at at the light/load and use two traveler switches in the wall plate… or obviously run a neutral wire. I’m hoping you have option 3 which you could make work.

I see a traveler, hot and neutral. Neutral is also called Common.

Looks like the white one or light grey connected right next to the green screw, (Ground). Can’t be sure by just looking at them. When in doubt test them.

Just saw this message James.

In your message above you said you think you see a hot, traveler, Neutral and ground in the picture (Inside-Addon.jpg).

Shouldn’t i have a Load?

I believe i need 5 wires in order for this to work.

Hi Tim,

Try watching this youtube. It explains it pretty much. It is best to test. If in doubt hire an electrician. You do have neutrals there.