GE 12726 40 amp outdoor switch

my first post after converting to ST from Vera.

I have installed GE 12726 outdoor switch and have connected tow separate 110V appliances to it and successfully paired it to ST, but I can only see one device and I don’t see how I can control each device separately.

according to JASCO (GE) the device does support ability to control each device separately but I have not been able to do it.

So my question is, whether ST can control each switch independently?


This module is not a dual relay module. There is only one relay inside. You could hook up 2 120VAC loads to it but you cannot control them individually.

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Thanks for reply, after talking to Jasco support apparently the device does support it, but they did not have any Hub currently that will work with it, so I am wondering how can we make it work within smartthings?

You would have to get the manufacturer to provide the api details and modify or create a custom device driver for it.

Now that’s interesting and sorry for my assumption. As for how to get it working. I am not much help again since I don’t know much coding. You can try this little Z-Wave tweaker and see all the parameters of the device and there are a couple of Z-Wave dual relay module DTH with simulated switches to operate the 2 loads. Maybe give it a try and see if you are lucky.

Thanks for the reply, I installed the Zwave Tweaker and it does not look like it support multichannel commands, so I assume it is not deal relay unfortunately, I wish I knew it before buying and installing it, I replaced old intermaticc unit that did and was just acting up once in a while.