Garage door opener programming to check on a schedule? (Iris/GoControl Model)

We integrated our garage door opener with SmartThings (IRIS). We are looking for a program that will check the garage door every 15 minutes to ensure the garage door is closed. After 15 minutes of it being checked I’d like a notification with an option to close the door or leave it open. Does someone have a program that has been tested and works that I can copy and paste into my SmartThings?

I would need help with the process as I’ve never done anything like this before. Thank you.

I can’t suggest an app, but it can easily be done in webCore:

Garage door is open
Wait 15 minutes
Send PUSH notification . . .

I condition mine on SHM being armed so that it just alerts me when I’m not home.

I created several routines through the SHM, one at 15 minute, one at 40 and one at an hour.
It sends me a notification that the door is still open and attempts to close it. If my son is in the garage he cancels it by pushing the button on the wall or by waving his foot in front of the safety.

If he is not in the garage, it closes.


Is there a good YouTube video you can recommend that will guide me through the installation process of installing Webcore? I have never heard of and none the less install or programmed Webcore.

SHM? Sorry, i’m new at this, what does SHM stand for. The routine you have seems like what I am looking for, is it something you can send me? or, tell where and how to program it?

Smart Home Monitor

I don’t think a Routine will accomplish what you are seeking. @Ex70s says that he has one so perhaps he can explain. Personally, I don’t understand how you create a routine “through the SHM”. It seems that he is suggesting creating a number of routines that fire at intervals. I’m not quite sure how to do that, at least in the Classic app.

It is called custom monitor i believe, I apologize for the wrong terminology. Gimme a few and ill share the steps when I am back at my PC.

I installed the webCoRe, I’m not sure how to create a Piston or what values to enter in the Piston?


Here is a sample that’s close to what you want. I’d suggest posting in the webCore forum if you need assistance. You should probably do some reading and look at sample pistons to get you started.

In the smartthings classic app, tap the smart home monitor section on the home page, tap the cog wheel in upper right hand corner, tap custom, tap new monitoring rule, tap what kind of device (open/close sensor) and select your sensor for the garage, tap sensor opens, fill in the field for how long and tap next, select the text and push notifications and select method, tap alert with lights and select the close garage door.

Do the same for each time period.

Possible pitfalls:
Not sure if the hardware you are using has an open close sensor that gets exposed to samsung.
Nor do I know if you have created or the DHT creates a virtual momentary button for control, which my method requires.

I found that Webcore was the only way to handle real world situations, which is what I live in. What if I’m in the garage working with the door open? I certainly don’t need a push that tells me the door is open. Or have it try to close it on me all the time. It should only close if it’s left open accidentally, not intentionally. That in a nutshell is what you have to break down and try to determine.

I added a motion sensor in the garage and as long as I’m moving around in there it keeps waiting another 5 minutes to close it and doesn’t notify me. If I’m in the yard or something mowing then I just put a bucket in front of the sensors by the floor so it can’t close. I am also thinking about a more elegant solution than the bucket, like putting the two pieces of a cheap door/window sensor to the two pieces of a dummy mounted slide latch as an override to prevent Webcore from closing the garage. Open the latch so the door stays open.

But the bucket/latch are also potential errors. What if I leave the bucket in place or latch open and head inside for the night? Then I would think that after some minutes regardless, I’d want to be notified that it was open. CYA and all.

All, thank you for your help on this. I was able to get a very basic setup completed. As I learn more, I will change and or add more options.

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If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this app:

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You might want to consider putting a motion sensor in the garage. You don’t want it closing if you are in there. Also, it’s a good practice to build overrides in your Pistons.

I have an Automation Virtual Switch for each room.

Switch 29 = Garage Automation

This switch has to be on in order for the Piston to work.

Finally, I want it to confirm that the door was closed only if it was done programmatically. That’s the variable portion of the Piston.