Looking for a smart Lock for my double gate

Is there a smart lock rated for outdoors and weather?

Two years later and still nothing that I can find. I need a gate lock too. Perfect for when I’m not at home and a tradesman or gardener needs to get into the garden.

Anyone come across anything yet? Key thing is that the lock needs to be weather-proof.

You can get a mighty Mule or a bulldog gate lock, both of which are weatherproof and which have their own control systems. Then you can add a Z wave relay, typically a mimolite, to jumpstart the lock’s control. It works fine, it’s just that you have to get multiple devices to make everything work with smartthings. :sunglasses:

Here’s a good project report from one guy who did it:

Also, many gate locks which have a button remote for use inside the house can be activated with a switchbot.

2019 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT

So basically find a lock which already has an electronic control system, and then integrate to the control system rather than to the lock itself. it’s hacky, but it works. :sunglasses:

Thanks. I try to stay away from things with multiple points of failure. This was a good alternative.

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