Gardenspots are cheap right now. Third party seller

Installed 3 more kits for a total of 5. Going to put the sixth we got around a flower bed out back.


Ok, so I got them paired by bringing them closer to the hub but now I have a new problem…funny I never had these problems at my old house with my old sets! So I set a routing for off and on and the on works fine…the off however changes one set to some random reduced % so they are still on but dim and turns the other off…I am wondering if it has anything to do with the color coordinator app? I have deleted and recreated the routine to no avail. Any thoughts?

So as I was typing I thought about the color coordinator app and sure enough when I remove the strands from that app they go off and on as expected. Bummer cause I really loved not having to play in the color wheel for 25 minutes to get the hue and saturation correct since I am overly Type A. :unamused: :flushed:

Have you tried using trend setter to group the two as a color dimmer? That’s what I did and it works flawlessly. Also, after you moved them, did you unplug your hub for 30 to 45 minutes to let your zigbee mesh rebuild?

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I have mine grouped in trendsetter. Occasionally 1 will get out of sync, but hitting sync in trendsetter device fixed it.

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Hey - had not heard of trendsetter…looking it up now. Didn’t rebuild but never have had to in the past. Thanks again for the assistance!

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Anyone else having any of their gardenspots showing different device types? All have the same firmware. All 3 different. Tried changing to match and they reset back after going offline.

Did you ever figure out this question? I have 3 extras laying around that I would love to use.

I would guess any 5volt rgb strips would work.

SO maybe this is a little late… I use a smart app called “Garden Hue”. Keeps my spots and outdoor flex strips the same color. Its has the basic colors. I was using webcore for this, but after a while it stopped looping so I gave up and when with this. (FYI my DH are zigbee RGB for all)